The Kingdom of Kaldor is a landlocked kingdom in eastern Harn. It is a feudal kingdom, devided up into shires and hundreds and governed by a hierarchy of dukes and barons, all under the current King Mignath. With a history of civil warring, there is still plenty of intrigue and tension between the various baronies. With Mignath’s health worsening by the day, and with no clear successor, the gentile clamor about the Kaldoric Succession Crisis constantly.

Kaldor’s capitol is Olokand, but its largest city, and economic hub of the entire eastern half of Harn, is Tashal, where the Fur Road, Silver Road, Salt Road, and Genin Trail meet. Every summer a massive festival is held in honour of the arrival of the many trade caravans that converge to bring goods from all across Harn. During this time the cities population, which is already the second largest in Harn, more than doubles for weeks at a time.

Kaldor is bordered by the Oselmarch to the south, a vile place rampant with the Pagelin tribe, notoriously the most vicious of the barbarians of Harn. To the west lies the teritory of the Kath tribes, famous for their tactics in battle using the terrain to their advantage with great effect, as well as the beauty of their women. To the north the Fur Road leads to Orbaal, and to the east the Silver Way leads to Azadmere, kingdom of the Kuzdul. Southeast, through the Oselmarch, the Genin Trail leads to the kingdom of Melderyn, but not before going through Chebysa, the smallest kingdom of Harn, one which both Kaldor and Melderyn voice a claim over, much to the headache of Chebysa itself.

Peoni is the religion popular with the peasantry, being a religion of peace and nurture, of harvest and productiveness. Amongst the nobility Larani is all but universal, as a religion of honour, justice, and feudalistic morals. The religions of Morgath, Agrik, and Naveh are strictly proscribed, under punishment of death. Other religions are rare and their patrons draw mixed attention.


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